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Coronavirus (COVID-19)


As you will now be aware, the colleges have been instructed to close from Friday 20 March until further notice. We understand that this is a challenging time for learners and their parents / carers. There will be heightened awareness of family pressures for a variety of reasons including through having to stay within the household, through financial hardship or health anxiety.

The College is committed to ensuring the continued wellbeing of all learners throughout this critical period. Ensuring our learners are safe in their personal lives and in the community is critical to everything we do. The college will continue to provide safeguarding advice and support to learners, parents and carers who should consider the following channels when requiring help.

Reporting safeguarding concerns

We will continue to provide safeguarding support for all our learners. If a learner, parent or carer has a concern about a learner, please contact a member of our designated safeguarding staff

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Stephenson Campus

Lynette Parker

Phil Clooney

Brooksby and Melton Campus

Lorraine Cox

Amanda Williamson

Vulnerable learners

The College will maintain regular contact with vulnerable learners to ensure their safety and wellbeing. On-going contact will be made remotely through telephone calls/email.

Learners subject to a Child Protection Plan and Child In Need Plan, and who have an allocated social worker

Contact will be made by the safeguarding team on a regular basis in agreement with the family or social worker.

Students who are Looked after Children and recent Care Leavers

These will be supported by College staff, who will keep in regular contact and raise any concerns to designated safeguarding staff.

Learners with an Education Health Care Plan

The Learning Support Team will maintain regular contact as agreed with learners/parents and carers. Support can be delivered through individual arrangements based on curriculum activity.

Mental Health

Restrictions to movement and contact with other people means that learners are more likely to be at risk of mental health problems. The Department for Education has produced guidance to support parents:

The following organisations can also provide support:

Risk online

Young people will be using the internet more during this period and the College will also be using online approaches to deliver training or support. The College continues to ensure appropriate filters and monitors are in place and adheres to guidance from the UK Safer Internet Centre on safe remote learning.

Learners accessing remote learning will receive guidance on keeping safe online and know how to raise concerns with the college, Childline, the UK Safer Internet Centre and CEOP.

Parents or carers seeking further guidance on online safety should refer to:

For campus updates please visit the relevant page by clicking on the links below

Stephenson College

Brooksby Melton College